AntiCopy Paper / Copy-Evident Safety Papers

Security Litho specializes in making unique anti copy paper, also known as safety paper or copy evident paper, to prevent duplication of secure documents. Using a patented NaNOcopy™ technology we are able to incorporate multiple layers of copy verifiable security into any document. On the simplest level, when anyone tries to copy your secure document a copy, alert message shows brightly on the sheet making any counterfeit copy obvious. On a more complex level, the screening and hidden message is actually made of fine dots and micro-text that is nearly impossible for your desktop counterfeiter to replicate. That's not all, the microtext is actually an algorithm that can fool the sharpest crook. If your questioning your documents authenticity, a simple magnifying glass makes document verification easy. Our NaNOcopy™ CopySafe™ paper has proven to be one of the few, if not only, copy verifiable technologies that will succesfully defeat the wide range of color copiers available to the public. Other companies offer anti copy paper that on the surface appears to perform adequately under many copying conditions but all creative crooks know that using higher end color copier photo settings can duplicate these other papers quite well. Unfortunately many consumers believe that if their secure document says VOID or COPY with a standard copier than it must work adequately as a deterent but this simply isn't the case. Ask us about our Level 1, 2, 3, or 4 CopySafe™ paper or have ISP print your existing security documents and incorporate this technology into it.

AntiCopy Paper / Non Copyable Safety Papers

Security LItho has the best copy preventable papers on the market today, also known as non copyable paper or black out paper. Many will say that a document which turns an area black when copied is non-existent but this simply is not true. We have been doing this for years and it is the most unique if not the only solution around that handles the problem of sensitive data being copied to this level. The simplest way to describe CopySafe+™ is that it works on the principle of unique light reflection and absorption, which causes interference patterns to prevent your printed content information from being ledgibly copied. Anticopy and Safety paper isn't just copy evident anymore, it can now be non copyable.

CopySafe+™ has been developed to protect sensitive information from easily being scanned or photocopied. The technology also helps prevent the reproduction of alphanumerical characters and/or graphics such as pictures and maps making the areas truly copy proof. Produced on high quality 24#/60# offset stock, our stock has been tested and proven to work on almost all laser printers. In addition to the CopySafe area, the rest of the sheet is protected by our anticopy voiding background that alerts "VOID" and "UNAUTHORIZED COPY" when a copy attempt is made.

NonCopyable Black Out Paper


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