Secure Parking Pass and Permit Printing

Secure Parking Permit

Specializing in security documents using tamper prevention and anti copy techniques it was no suprise to see a large request for securely printed parking passes and permits that are nearly impossible to replicate or copy. No matter what the layout, color, or security required, we are sure that we can help you design a parking pass that will assure that only originals pass inspection. Whether it's a cost-effective hologram, our own true watermark paper, a covert feature such as invisible UV ink or our CodeSafe™ , we specialize in designing a secure parking pass or permit according to your perceived risk of fraud. Parking passes and permits are easy to secure as they are contained and verified within a controlled environment similar to gift certificates. When you have a handful of individuals able to inspect the secure parking pass then you can easily train them on what to look for. Being as Security Litho specializes in security features and technology that is owned and controlled by us then there is little chance that a potential counterfeiter can get the base stock or product into their own hands. This sort of control makes verification of the parking permit easy for anyone.

Secure Parking Pass


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