Document and Material Destruction

SEM Disintegrator

Security Litho is capable of destroying your sensitive documents and materials. Whether it's paper, digital media such as CD's and floppies, or other sensitive material we can pulverize it to tight government specifications. Generally we look at each project by the tonage and sensitivity of product at hand. We can then arrange shipment via bonded carrier to our facility where the material will be disintegrated by our staff. A sampling of your disentegrated material can be made available upon request. Using SEM equipment you can be assured that your sensitive material will destroyed beyond further recognition.

This SEM Disintegrator has been evaluated by NSA and with the standard 3/32" Screen, meets the requirements of NSA/CSS Specification 02-02, High Security Disintegrators and NSA/CSS 04-02, Optical Media Destruction Devices.


How a Disentegrator Works

These high end industrial shredding machines have evolved into a multipurpose unit capable of size reducing paper, plastics, sharps, pharmaceuticals, and virtually any defective or out of date product. These units offer flexibility, reliability, and value that the conventional paper shredder can not match. The technology of Disintegrators is very simple. As waste is fed into the unit it falls down a chute into a destruction chamber which contains a rotor with 5 knives mounted to it. The 5 rotating knive pass by 2 stationary bed knives and cut the waste smaller and smaller with each pass. The size of the final waste is determined by an interchangeable security screen. Once the waste is small enough to pass through the screen it drops out of the destruction chamber and is evacutated to a waste collection bin.

How a disentegrator works


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