Secure Foil and Hologram Affixing

Security Litho is equipped with a variety of foil hot stamping equipment capable of running straight foil, holographic foils, registered holograms, and embossing on just about any document configuration. Of course we would prefer to produce a document from start to finish but are capable of adding holographics to your existing documents as well.

Our hot stamping materials are fused into the sheet making removal impossible without destroying the document underneath. Once applied the foil is so thin that you cannot feel the edge which eliminates sheet bulging and feeding issues. We also have foils which are laser compatible to prevent problems when running back through your laser printer.

When comparing this to other manufacturers who will affix holographic cold adhesive labels which can be easily removed, you'll understand that this is the best option for true security and document production.

Hologram Affixing


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