Serialization of any document is an integral part in auditing and controlling your stock. Security Litho understands that if you have the highest security built into your documents but don't control your inventory then you run the risk of fraud whether one document or thousands are stolen. Serializing each document with a sequential number or bar code gives the document a unique address which increases your ability to recognize misplaced or missing documents quickly.

Bar Code

Additionaly the track and trace of products throughout various branches and location can be difficult, but can be accomplished with today’s technology. Documents which are specifically designated for various branch locations or individuals can be allocated as such through a database. Custom number series and variances can be easily accomplished simply by suppying us with your database of information. We can then custom number and report back the document allocation or use the serialization sequence of your choice. Each docuemnt is marked and encoded so that it may be read with off-the-shelf barcode equipment.


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