"Image Survivable Feature for the Check-21 act"

Patent Pending

This new Image Survivable security feature dramatically reduces liability to the customer and provides full compliance with "Check 21" requirements. Some of the benefits to this feature are as follows:

  • Verifies authenticity at the point of presentment without any secondary devices.
  • A feature that is applied through the original printing process of the check.
  • Verifies authenticity at the point of presentment.
  • Survives a low resolution image scan and verifies that the digital conversion was from the original source.
  • May detect alterations at point of presentation.
  • Can detect alterations in second line operational inspections.
  • Does not require further proprietary and expensive equipment to verify.
  • Creates a robust warning with a photocopy attempt.
  • Insurance for the bank or the corporate customer to determine whether proper “Due Diligence”was applied at the “Point of Presentment”.
  • Can verify unique pixel pattern variances. Original is stored for comparison analysis against a suspected fraudulent document.
  • Effective deterrent to prevent counterfeiting.
ImageSecure™ - "Image Survivable Feature for the Check-21 act"
Normal Room Temperature 74°
ThermoHide 'Heat Sensitive Camouflaged Message'

View of Check at normal view and room temperature.
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