"Anti-copy Halftone Security Printing"

  Patent Pending LogoDot

The common miniature security feature is normally microtext when utilizing conventional printing methods. Why not add a custom logo to your secure document which is equally small and difficult to re-produce through conventional counterfeiting methods? Capture any image such as a corporate logo, a photograph, a key word or phrase, and convert that image into a LogoDot® halftone dot that replaces conventional round dots typically used in normal printing. When compared to conventional halftone dots, LogoDots® are much more difficult to faithfully reproduce with commercial photocopiers and scanners, resulting in easily detectable copies.

LogoDot® Halftone Dots
Graphic security printing
Photo security printing
Logo  security printing
Custom halftone security printing

Raster Images & Logos
Logo security printing
Text & Typefaces
Text security printing
Halftone security printing
Geometric Areas
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