Anti-Copy Encrypted Pantograph

Patent Pending

A much improved anti-copy pantograph for security documents that is created by utilizing micro-alphanumerical characters to create an encrypted message that cannot be digitally replicated and re-printed. What is replicated on a color copy is a robust copy/void warning message. To view and verify the encrypted nano characters, use a magnifying glass. Because of the encryption, this technology can be used to trace its origin and is also court enforceable. This anti-copy or "copy-evident" technique can be built into any secure document. Whether it's simple anti copy office paper or checks, any negotiable document is an ideal canidate.

Three-Up Check with NaNOcopy™ Pantograph and Color Copy
Anti-copy pantograph

Extreme Enlargement of NaNOcopy letter "V" in Void
copy prevention for any security document


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