"Reflective Security Watermark"

U.S. Patents - 5,344,192 & 5,695,220 & 5,826,691
U.K. Patent GB - 2,276,588B
Canada Patent - 2,159,636The words SAFE, or any other custom message or graphic, is process ghosted onto the paper and can only be seen by:

  • Marking with a dark highlighter
  • Rubbing with the edge of a coin
  • Holding at approximately a 45º angle towards light
  • Holding at approximately a 45º angle away from light
  • Holding under a fluorescent "black light"

This security watermark will not digitally scan, photocopy or color copy. ProGhost® is a document security feature that, when used with a written warning, easily verifies the document is original. While these reflective watermarks are not as secure as our SafeImage true watermark paper they can be a great way to cost effectively add custom verbiage or images to your sensitive document. This feature is sometimes called coin reactive because it shows when rubbed with edge of a coin.

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