Security Hologram With 4th Dimension

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Holographic Image Flip
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U.S. Patent - 5,772,248

TamperSafe® is an optical variable security hologram with the word "SAFE" or the name of your institution engraved into it. When viewed at different angles four distinctly different images are apparent:

  • A security icon of a lock
  • A security icon of a key
  • The word SAFE behind the key
  • Your institution name or the word "SAFE" engraved into all the images

The fourth image is normally the word SAFE but can be customized to any word, letters or graphics that would properly fit into the hologram. Through a custom engraving process we can create a tactile feel feature into any foil, holographic or not.

This technology offers a very high level of document security that is also laser compatible. International Security Products can also apply any type of security hologram to just about any type of document or form. From a true three dimensional registered hologram to clear holographic laminates we are equipped to accomodate just about any request.

Four Standard Holographic and Engraved Images
document security foil

Other Custom Examples
Tampersafe - document security hologram


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