Secure Check Printing

Check fraud security

  • Check fraud  and counterfeiting are among the fastest growing problems affecting the nation's financial system; producing estimated annual losses of $10 Billion and continues to rise at an alarming rate annually.
    (National Check Fraud Center)

  • From 1995 - 2000, check fraud and other paper check losses will cost American businesses over $567 Billion in cumulative losses.
    (Grocery Marketing-Feb. 1997)

As the statistics show, check fraud is a huge problem in the world today. Check fraud is similar to computer viruses, they don't seem to affect you until you're hit by one. Just as viruses can be prevented with some simple measures, checks can be protected with a layering of security features. Security Litho has customers that choose our standard features of protected watermarked paper, indelible numbering, NaNOcopy™ pantograph, etc. to "Super Checks", which includes multiple layering of our patented technologies. Along with superior security check features our manufacturing facility has the equipment and tools to encode an accurate MICR line and test its signal level for smooth bank processing.

With the new Check 21 laws into affect we have the knowledge to assure a check that is compliant with the Check 21 parameters and storage issues that most banks mandate. Unfortunately the new Check 21 outlines an emphasis on background clutter reduction and readability which is counterproductive to most check security features. We can help you design a check that will not only be accepted but without sacrificing the security most think is taken by the new Check 21 regulations. Every single new order is analyzed with our scanner to assure the check conforms to all Check 21 guidelines. Please visit our ImageSECURE™ page to see one of the solutions we have came up with to accomodate Check 21 specifications and maintain optimum security.


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