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Specializing in any kind of secure transcript printing and transcript paper, whether it's for schools, movie production, or government agencies, Security Litho is the company transcript printers copy but just can't compete. We have the complete facilities to design, print, and ship secure transcripts throughout the world! Recently we have noticed an increase urgency for Universities and Colleges to secure their scholastic transcript paper from forgery or counterfeiting. We even designed our own true watermark transcript paper specifically for schools. Not only do we have some of the best anti copy techniques available on any college or university transcript but we can also produce the transcript with features such as thermochromic inks (TouchSAFE™), holograms and security foils engraved with your school seal, serial numbering (including our own MetallicSAFE™), and much more. As a member of NASPO we can assure that your transcripts are produced in a a secure environment from start to finish. Through our 177,000 square foot manufacturing facility and large inventory of presses we promise to produce transcripts that will impress you with their quality not to mention suprisingly cost effective at the same time.

Security Litho understands that no one security feature is capable of defeating an experienced counterfeiter or todays potential criminal with a decent knowledge of a computer, scanner, and printer. A secure university or college transcript must be layered with overt (visible) and covert (hidden) features that when applied make the document nearly impossible to duplicate, forge,counterfeit, wash, and in most cases will expose the criminal that attempts to pass the document (if they get that far). We offer levels of security that start from low to high depending on the perceived risk of fraud and will surpass your expectations of security and quality using our soley owned and patented document security technology. We guarantee other secure transcript printers can't match the ISP team. We can also offer our full line of printing services from envelopes to letterheads for any college or university to match their transcripts for a complete solution.


Free Transcript Graphics
  • NaNOcopy - Anti-copy Background
  • TouchSafe - Heat Sensitive Authentication Seal
  • Full Bleed Borders With Warning Messages
  • SafeImage - Scholastic True Watermark Secure Substrate
  • TamperSafe - Custom Engraved Holographic Seal
  • MetallicSafe - Non-Copyable Serial Number or Logo
  • No-Dupit - Heat Sensitive Authorized Signature

Printed Security Transcripts
Security Transcript Paper

Security Transcripts with Color Copies
anti-copy transcript printing

If your not sure about a custom transcript or in need of a quick solution for your school please feel free to visit our Safe-T-Sign transcript program at This site was created for schools and businesses who need a quick but secure transcript paper for protection of their documents. For security purposes, users who want to purchase from Print Transcript will be required to first login for a security check. We simply want to make sure that people wishing to be a customer and purchase our secure paper and transcripts are legitimate. This helps ensure a solid chain of custody and assures that your documents remain secure and unavailable to the open market. Once approved all customers are able to login and shop freely plus review account history, downloads invoices, etc.

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